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This week I am focusing exclusively on helping YOU, in your life success! I want to start our conversation today with a question: WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO YOU IN YOUR LIFE? What does HAVING IT ALL really mean?

I was thinking about a good way to launch into this topic and ran across this story…

A vacationing American businessman standing on the pier of a quaint coastal fishing village in southern Mexico watched as a small boat with just one young Mexican fisherman pulled into the dock. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. Enjoying the warmth of the early afternoon sun, the American complimented the Mexican on the quality of his fish.

“How long did it take you to catch them?” the American casually asked.

“Oh, a few hours,” the Mexican fisherman replied.

“Why don’t you stay out longer and catch more fish?” the American businessman then asked.

The Mexican warmly replied, “With this I have more than enough to meet my family’s needs.”

The businessman then became serious, “But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

Responding with a smile, the Mexican fisherman answered, “I sleep late, play with my children, watch ball games, and take siesta with my wife. Sometimes in the evenings I take a stroll into the village to see my friends, play the guitar, sing a few songs…”

The American businessman impatiently interrupted, “Look, I have an MBA from Harvard, and I can help you to be more profitable. You can start by fishing several hours longer every day. You can then sell the extra fish you catch. With the extra money, you can buy a bigger boat. With the additional income that larger boat will bring, before long you can buy a second boat, then a third one, and so on, until you have an entire fleet of fishing boats.”

Proud of his own sharp thinking, he excitedly elaborated a grand scheme which could bring even bigger profits, “Then, instead of selling your catch to a middleman you’ll be able to sell your fish directly to the processor, or even open your own cannery.
Eventually, you could control the product, processing and distribution. You could leave this tiny coastal village and move to Mexico City, or possibly even Los Angeles or New York City, where you could even further expand your enterprise.”

Having never thought of such things, the Mexican fisherman asked, “But how long will all this take?”

After a rapid mental calculation, the Harvard MBA pronounced, “Probably about 15-20 years, maybe less if you work really hard.”

“And then what, señor?” asked the fisherman.

“Why, that’s the best part!” answered the businessman with a laugh. “When the time is right, you would sell your company stock to the public and become very rich. You would make millions.”

“Millions? Really? What would I do with it all?” asked the young fisherman in disbelief.

The businessman boasted, “Then you could happily retire with all the money you’ve made. You could move to a quaint coastal fishing village where you could sleep late, play with your grandchildren, watch ball games, and take siesta with your wife. You could stroll to the village in the evenings where you could play the guitar and sing with your friends all you want.”

The moral of the story is: Know what really matters in life, and you may find that it is already much closer than you think.

In that story I have to be honest, I’d be cast as the HARVARD MBA. I think like that naturally—bigger, better, more efficient, more success!! But honestly, I’ve learned in my own life that the things that are the MOST important to me ARE closer than I think. While I am striving and achieving to reach my personal goals and destiny I’m also engaged in a dance with myself remembering to SAVOR every ounce of my life—especially with my husband and children—as I am achieving the next level of success.

If you’re sitting next to someone right now that you love, is that what really matters? If you’re in a home that’s clean and safe, is that enough? If you’re fortunate enough to have a job or a business that you love, is that what matters most to you?

HAVING IT ALL in life is what so many of us are grinding to get and accomplish every day. But for many of us, our everyday grind isn’t getting us closer to what really matters in our lives…for far too many of us, the daily grind is pulling us further away from what matters. For many of us, we’ve committed to a 20, 30, 40 year plan to ultimately get back to a simple, happy life. Yikes!

So why talk about what matters? Because YOU matter. Every one of our lives matter. And what we do with what we’ve been given is what LIVING is all about. I wish I had had a way to think or express OUT LOUD the crazy that was going on inside my head on my journey along the way. I wish I could have had a place, a vehicle to use to bounce ideas off of, to hear what others think is important to them to help me figure WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME! Well, you have that, it’s my show and blog and today we’re going to delve deep into YOU and YOUR LIFE and what matters most.

I have assembled THE CRÈME-DE-LA-CRÈME of Women’s Empowerment Experts—a literal WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT DREAM TEAM: SUSAN TAYLOR, MONIQUE GREENWOOD, and MIKKI TAYLOR, powerhouses of wisdom, thought and ideas about having it all and WHAT MATTERS MOST IN LIFE! From all these women, I’m sitting at their feet, taking notes and I hope you do the same. But wait, there’s one more guest—YOU! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a few moments and CLICK HERE to listen to the PODCAST of this show!

We learn from each other! So call THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW HOTLINE NUMBER, 404-906-7720 after listening to the show with your questions or comments.

WHAT MATTERS MOST IN YOUR LIFE and WHY? We want to know, call our HOTLINE, 404-906-7720, anonymously and let us know your thoughts. I’m your chief empowerment officer JENNIFER KEITT and my show THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW airs live every Sunday, 7 – 8 pm on KISS 104, Atlanta’s R&B!

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I’ve watched on the sidelines as we’ve journeyed with Charlie Sheen over the last few months of his life…watching his brand of ‘winning’ move us from trashed hotel rooms, to rambling internet broadcasts and now to the live stage in front of packed audiences and standing ovations.

Frankly I’ve been fascinated with the rest of America about Sheen’s ‘winning.’

‘Winning’ ala Charlie looks like getting fired from your job, losing your kids, and being in ‘committed relationships‘ with goddesses. Hmmm… If I lost my job, my husband and my children, I wouldn’t feel like a winner.

Winning now seems to be the ability to take pieces of ourselves, brand those pieces, and then show them off to the world. In other words, I can take my public side, or my business side, or my mothering side, or my social side; the side I am winning in, and polish that up, brand it however I want, then show it off to the world. And call myself a winner.

And the world will watch, weigh-in, boo or applaud, as I prove to them I’m ‘winning.’

Frankly, I’ve done that. Maybe you have too.

Yes I admit that at times, I have only focused on those aspects of my life that were ‘winning.’ In my own attempts to put spin control on the uncontrollable areas of my life, I’ve simply polished up my career-side, and shown that; or my physical side, and shown that. I’ve had times in my life in which only one area was working, barely and to keep sane, or stay alive, I showed that ‘winning’ side to the world.

Humans want to win. That’s a common bond we all share. But I’ve since learned that true winning is a holistic experience. It’s being, not performing. It’s authentic, not toured around the country.

Winning looks like being in healthy relationships and being financially solvent. It’s being emotionally and spiritually grounded. Winning is being employed, having a career we enjoy and being healthy physically. But most importantly it’s being content with our own value and worth apart from needing to prove our worth to others in extravagant, dramatic ways. Winning is being the same, inside and out; authentic, TRANSPARENT, and real. It’s saying to the world, this is who I am, ALL of me, in every area.

And true winning is taking personal responsibility and ownership of our lives by being honest and admitting when we don’t have it all together. Then it’s being brave enough to take a ‘time-out’ to regroup and regain our equilibrium.

That’s winning, really.

I think it’s time to stop gawking at Sheen’s ‘winning’ and start looking at our own ‘winning…duh?’ for real. This is one woman’s perspective. What do you think? Let me know: FACEBOOK TWITTER, WEBSITE.


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