3 ways to LOVE YOURSELF this Valentine's Day

In case you didn’t know it, YOU are worthy of much LOVE and ADORATION! On this love day here are three simple ways to work on LOVING YOURSELF today and everyday.

#1 LOOK AT HOW YOU ARE TREATING YOURSELF: if you always see yourself as the victim; if you’re always being judgmental and critical of yourself; or if you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, WATCH OUT, that’s not loving yourself. Change your perspective and attitude toward you first. Love and affirm and above all be gentle with YOU!

#2 ENGAGE IN WHAT YOU FIND MEANINGFUL: you have passions, strengths, talents, interests and curiosities that are unique to you. And when you are in touch with those things, your life will LIGHT UP and you will live from a place of fulfillment and love. So get engaged with your passions! If you like to hike, hike; if you like to paint, paint…if you love to cook, cook! Don’t wait until someday to jump in and LIVE your life, start living NOW! That is the surest sign that you are in love with you, when you honor your passions, strengt!hs, talents and gifts by USING them!

#3 SHOW YOURSELF THE LOVE YOU’VE BEEN SEEKING: This is the Grandaddy of them all! Don’t wait to hear the words “I LOVE YOU” from someone else before you say them to YOURSELF, daily! Right now, in your heart, or OUT LOUD, say “I LOVE YOU” to YOU! Tell yourself all the things you long to hear from someone else. ALL MUST BE WELL WITH YOUR SOUL FIRST, before you can even think about loving someone else. If you want to hear, “You’re sexy,” say it to yourself right now! Fall in love with YOU! This is called EN-COURAGING yourself…putting the courage back into you by loving you first!

Let this Valentine’s Day be a new beginning a fresh start for a new trend in your life called LOVING YOU FIRST! Then love everyone else as you love yourself!

Jennifer Keitt, Your Chief EMPOWERMENT Officer
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