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Jennifer Keitt interviews Oscar-Winner Octavia Spencer on the red carpet

It takes just a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time.  In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed.  3 Seconds—one Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…and you’ve already formed your opinion about me based on my appearance—my body language, my demeanor, my mannerisms and of course:  HOW I’M DRESSED.


But wait, think about this. How much preparation DOES one go through for that 3 –second impression…especially when the world is going to see him or her on the infamous RED CARPET? You know how much has been said about who’s going to be wearing what for the Oscars tonight!

Well, let’s see, for the ladies we begin with the bathing ritual (my shower is a mini-beauty isle)—shaving the legs, washing the hair, masking the face, the right soap for soft, luxurious skin . . . then out of the shower into the lotioning/moisturizing/grooming rituals , we do hair, nails, toe-nails, then onto make-up…foundation, concealer, eye-shadow, eyebrows, lips, cheeks…whew!   But wait, we’re still NAKED!  Undergarments (if you wear them)… we tape ‘em up, lift ‘em up, cover it up…bra, panties, and stockings (for those of us who are old school)…THEN THE RED CARPET WEAR. But wait!  No one walks the red carpet in OFF THE RACK CLOTHING!!  You can’t just go into your closet and pull out something old and ragged…

Celebs have gone MONTHS before the RED CARPET MOMENT and they’ve purchased a custom, fitted gown or outfit especially for them… THEY’VE LOOKED AT DESIGNS, HAD DRESS SKETCHES MADE …THEY’VE GONE TO FITTINGS UNTIL THE GOWN IS READY FOR THE RED CARPET. No one grabs some old thing out of their closet to walk the RED CARPET… it’s custom, it’s designer, IT’S COSTLY!  And so for the RED CARPET MOMENT…the piece-de-resistance is the designer gown (shoes and accessories)!  Now, one is RED CARPET READY!


But I’ve come to find out that the reality is, no matter how much time I spend getting myself together on the outside to make a GREAT 3-SECOND IMPRESSION that still doesn’t make me RED CARPET READY ON THE INSIDE. If my beauty regiment ends when I put the last accessory on, I’ve neglected the most important part… MY INNER DISPOSITION AND CHARACTER.

How much does it COST to dress our hearts to be red carpet ready?  How much do we spend dressing our soul, or our minds?  The attitude that we’re wearing—how much did that cost you… or did you pick it up on sale at the second-hand store?

Bad attitudes are cheap and everyone can afford them!

Let’s not only be mindful of how RED CARPET READY we look on the outside, but let’s be intentional about being RED CARPET READY within…

Here are three things we can do every day to BE red carpet ready:

#1 Ask yourself daily WHAT AM I WEARING? When did you start wearing that bad attitude? Who dressed you in that suit of depression? Why do you put on negativity like a perfume? Asking yourself daily WHAT AM I WEARING allows you to go into the closet of your heart and SELECT THE BEST! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the loveliest of them all? It won’t be you if you don’t check your heart for what you’re wearing DAILY!

#2 Refuse to wear junk! Once you’ve asked what am I wearing, then you select only the best! I love the TV Show WHAT NOT TO WEAR on TLC! They help women look their best outwardly but interestingly a lot of their process is exactly what we’re doing…looking at how they see themselves from within. In refusing to wear junk we become intentional about our selection process. We refuse to wear the GREEN OUTFIT of jealousy. Hmmmm. We won’t wear RAGE or ENVY… we simply select the best and refuse to wear junk.

And finally #3: We rely should rely on others to help us get red carpet ready daily. Celebs have hair stylists, make-up artists, image consultants, wardrobe designers…they have a TEAM to help them get red carpet ready. We’ve got to have a team of trusted people in our lives, who WILL TELL US ABOUT OURSELVES!  Don’t leave home without friends, family, husbands or wives telling you HEY BABE YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK THAT ATTITUDE… don’t live life thinking that you are red carpet ready, when you may not be. Cause honey, THE PAPARAZZI  in your life will snap your picture and catch you looking funky on the RED CARPET OF YOUR LIFE!

I hope these three steps will help you be ready for your red carpet life every day!


The sound reverberated throughout the house. I ran downstairs and out the door. It had happened again. Our youngest daughter is just weeks away from getting her driver’s license and today she became the last child in our home to hit our garage door with the red truck!

Her eyes said it all. Tears were seconds away when she looked at me. I kissed  her cheek and said “Get back in the car and finish what you started.”

Thinking about it now, I realize that’s exactly what we should do when we ‘hit garage doors’ in our lives. “Get back up and finish what we started.” Bounce-back time is critical. If we stop for a moment and wallow in the failure, we’re dead in the water. That’s why I didn’t give my daughter a moment to wallow in the accident…it was more important that she stay focused on the goal: becoming a safe driver and getting her license. She had to forget the fact she hit the garage door and get back in the driver’s seat. She had to immediately bounce-back.

And so do you.

The truth is, we all will hit garage doors. Remember my daughter was one of FOUR kids who’ve hit that same door! The failures, mistakes, mishaps that we experience aren’t anymore unusual than what someone else has experienced. You are not the only one to parent badly! You are not the only one to ever declare bankruptcy, get a divorce, or overeat. Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t get that promotion, your business went under or you haven’t finished college. Don’t get caught in the whoa-is-me pity party. Get back in the driver’s seat and turn your life’s car around!

When I told my daughter to get back in the driver’s seat she paused slightly and looked at me as if to say, “Are you sure?” Of course I was. I know she’s a great driver. I know she has to learn how to turn the truck around. I know hitting the garage door is MUCH BETTER than her hitting another car or a person! Sometimes the mishaps that we experience allow us the chance to fail in a small way to PREVENT us from failing in a bigger way!

She got back in and turned it around. You can too. And my husband and I decided, we’ll wait until she’s gotten her license before replacing our now seriously beat up garage door, which has now become a great reminder that accidents in life give us the opportunity to get back up and keep it moving! Let me know what ‘garage doors’ you’ve hit recently and most importantly how you turned it around!


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