The sound reverberated throughout the house. I ran downstairs and out the door. It had happened again. Our youngest daughter is just weeks away from getting her driver’s license and today she became the last child in our home to hit our garage door with the red truck!

Her eyes said it all. Tears were seconds away when she looked at me. I kissed  her cheek and said “Get back in the car and finish what you started.”

Thinking about it now, I realize that’s exactly what we should do when we ‘hit garage doors’ in our lives. “Get back up and finish what we started.” Bounce-back time is critical. If we stop for a moment and wallow in the failure, we’re dead in the water. That’s why I didn’t give my daughter a moment to wallow in the accident…it was more important that she stay focused on the goal: becoming a safe driver and getting her license. She had to forget the fact she hit the garage door and get back in the driver’s seat. She had to immediately bounce-back.

And so do you.

The truth is, we all will hit garage doors. Remember my daughter was one of FOUR kids who’ve hit that same door! The failures, mistakes, mishaps that we experience aren’t anymore unusual than what someone else has experienced. You are not the only one to parent badly! You are not the only one to ever declare bankruptcy, get a divorce, or overeat. Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t get that promotion, your business went under or you haven’t finished college. Don’t get caught in the whoa-is-me pity party. Get back in the driver’s seat and turn your life’s car around!

When I told my daughter to get back in the driver’s seat she paused slightly and looked at me as if to say, “Are you sure?” Of course I was. I know she’s a great driver. I know she has to learn how to turn the truck around. I know hitting the garage door is MUCH BETTER than her hitting another car or a person! Sometimes the mishaps that we experience allow us the chance to fail in a small way to PREVENT us from failing in a bigger way!

She got back in and turned it around. You can too. And my husband and I decided, we’ll wait until she’s gotten her license before replacing our now seriously beat up garage door, which has now become a great reminder that accidents in life give us the opportunity to get back up and keep it moving! Let me know what ‘garage doors’ you’ve hit recently and most importantly how you turned it around!