When our kids were young, we took them to Orlando—you know the Mickey Mouse vacation—just like many of you have done. We were staying on International Drive, so my husband and I thought it would be cool to take the kids to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Ripley’s—for those of you who don’t know—is what they call an ODDITORIUM.  It’s a 10,000 square foot building that actually looks like it is falling into a Florida sinkhole. Cool right?! There are 16 unique galleries that pay tribute to the odd and strange, and weird artifacts and displays from across the globe.

So here goes the Keitt family through Ripley’s exploring and looking at all the stuff packed into this building—hoping to get every dime’s worth of entertainment that we can. We have baby’s and strollers, and little hands in tow–2 adults for four kids—going through area after area. As we climb the stairs, round the corner and proceed to enter into the next area of the exhibit, suddenly our oldest daughter Morgan broke free and bolted back down the stairs the way we had just come! It happened so fast, it took me by surprise and I was stunned for a brief moment. Morgan ran so far, so fast that when we finally caught up with her, she was in the corner of the gift store near the exit—Refusing to go back into what she called the scary building.

She was barely seven years old. How did my child even know what scary was? I asked her about that incident this week—she’s 25 now—and she said she still remembers the dark, red room and that she ran when she saw axes and torture equipment—It scared her and she ran.

At 7, she recognized scary—and evil. Morgan never did Disney movies either. You know there’s always a scene or character in every Disney movie that’s the evil villain, we even had to take Morgan out of “Bambi” because she was so sensitive toward anything dark or scary or evil.

Do you think that we all instinctively know evil?

I’m wondering, what do we do when we encounter evil in our everyday lives? Michael Welner is a forensic psychiatrist and he argues that some acts of evil aren’t even against the law. He says a boss who boosts his ego and gains stature by publicly humiliating his employees is evil. He says even stalkers or those who exploit the physical, mental or emotional vulnerability of others are evil.

The fact is, we can’t bolt and run away like my daughter Morgan did that day in Ripley’s when we see evil. So what do you do with the evil in your life? The evil people, places and things that you see and experience every day?

Virtually everyone knows what it’s like to feel really scared—a pounding heartbeat, faster breathing, nervous perspiration—but I wonder, as a society, because we see so much bad, EVIL stuff everyday are we desensitized to it? Do we just except and live with EVIL?

Is evil just a figment of Hollywood’s imagination or do you believe that evil is a being—the devil—who’s real and plagues mankind? For the first time ever, today, I’m going to explore the topic of evil, the really gross, bad and horrible that we see in our lives every, single day.

What’s evil to you? Is it a scary movie? Go to my FACEBOOK PAGE or TWEET me what you think. I refuse to see HORROR movies—I can’t sleep, I can’t eat! I’ve seen three horror movies in my entire life—CARRIE—which I promise did a number on me as a teen—I saw the original HALLOWEEN movie—why? I had nightmares about Jason for weeks and I saw THE EXORCIST—stupidest thing I’ve ever done! See, I believe the supernatural is very real and I don’t like jumping off into that realm “for fun!” What about you? Do you think that horror movies are harmless? Can houses be haunted by real evil spirits? What about tarot cards, psychics, horoscopes are all of these things just harmless fun, or is there a real force of evil behind them? What does everyday evil look like to you? Tell me on my FACEBOOK PAGE or TWEET me.

This was one of the most provocative conversations ever, listen to the entire show HERE.