Our lives have changed so tremendously . . . I’ve gone from catching up with girlfriends over the phone when we could tear away from our lives and families to being able to see minute by minute updates on what friends connected to me ate for dinner.
Am I the ONLY one who’s wondered why do I need to know that you just got up this morning? Do I really want to SEE your child’s first potty?! … Now I’m being facetious—maybe—but the truth of the matter is, we have entered into what some are calling SHAREPOCOLYSE!!! How much should you tell you your significant other to your social media friends and followers? When is the right time to add to your profile that you’re dating someone? If you’re all kissy-faced with someone on Friday night…is it cool to post the photo and tag him or her in it…WITHOUT their permission? Do you stalk your ex’s facebook page? Do you follow people on twitter to spy? DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE NO LIFE because everyone else posts moments in their 
lives showing all that they have going on???
WHEN IS IT ENOUGH ALREADY as it relates to our social media updating?!
Here’s some very telling stats so that you can get an idea of where we’re headed…
40% of people spend MORE TIME socializing online than they do face-to-face. When I see friends or associates and they ask me questions about things that I haven’t shared with them because they read it on my FACEBOOK PAGE I start to worry. PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME! I am a relator…I don’t want to relate via POSTS!
Here’s some more unbelievable data:
100,000 tweets are sent…in 2012 there were 175 
MILLION TWEETS SENT every day! If we had a dollar for every tweet ya’ll…c’mon we’d be zillionaires!
Over 684,000 pieces of content are shared on FACEBOOK. Every diaper change, every promotion, every scripture of the day, every wedding, every funeral, every phone call, promotion and hairstyle is shared EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY! What is our problem??
We are pinning on PINTEREST. We are INSTANT on INSTAGRAM…we are WATCHING on YOUTUBE…we tweet, we post, we search—oh, google estimates 2 MILLION SEARCH QUERIES are done EVERY MINUTE, of EVERY DAY. We must be the smartest, wisest, friendliest, happiest people on the planet with all of this connection going on,
We are the most disconnected, unfulfilled, saddest, loneliest that we’ve ever been.
There is a new term coming to the surface called F.O.M.O. It means THE FEAR OF MISSING OUT…and psychologists say it’s a social media addiction that leads to the fear of missing out on something or someone more interesting, exciting or better than what we’re currently doing. Ladies and Gentlemen, on social media networks THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE or SOMETHING happening that is MORE EXCITING OR BETTER than what we’re currently doing! That’s how posting works. We post the best, the brightest, the thing that we want to brag about –excuse me the thing we want to SHARE that makes us look interesting, exciting and like we have it going on!
Now, I’ll just focus on me—I won’t talk about you. But you better believe I post on The Jennifer Keitt Show page the information that I believe is MOST COMPELLING, MOST PROVOCATIVE, MOST USEFUL AND HELPFUL for my followers lives. On my personal page…I’ve moved almost entirely away from posting personal things. Occasionally I will throw up my fun or brag pictures about me, my kids and my family…but please be clear…my social media strategy is simple: I DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ME FOR REAL THROUGH FACEBOOK OR TWITTER…I WANT TO FORM A REAL IN-PERSON RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU!!! You don’t know me if you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on twitter. And I want you to KNOW ME—the real me. And that’s going to require talking, meeting, investing in a relationship. Skills that I’m afraid we are losing rapidly.
In my car, I have Bluetooth connected to my phone so I can talk hands-free. The other day my youngest daughter SAMANTHA was in the car with me as I made the rounds calling my other kids and Tony my husband. She then asked me…why isn’t my number on your redial list. I turned to her and said, YEAH SAM, why isn’t your PHONE NUMBER on my REDIAL LIST
? Could it be because we don’t talk on the phone because you don’t EVER use your phone to talk, you only communicate via TEXT MESSAGE! That’s the only way I can talk to this girl is by TEXT! What in the world?
Let’s have fun . . . and let’s learn what’s behind our social media obsession. To listen to this show, click here. I am your chief empowerment officer JENNIFER KEITT. The Jennifer Keitt Show can be heard every Sunday evening from 7-8 pm exclusively on KISS 104, Atlanta’s R&B.