This past Friday, I had a really trying day. A day that started straight from hell. I was traveling out of town. First, I thought I knew how to get back to the airport from my hotel. I didn’t. At 7:45 am, I was 30 MINUTES away from the car rental facility and my flight was leaving at 9:00! Thank God I WASN’T in Atlanta and the traffic gods were on my side…made it to the car rental place, boarded the car rental mini-bus and headed to the airport. I started to breathe…looked around at my belongings, made a mental note NOT to leave my laptop sitting next to me and enjoyed the five- minute ride.
When the driver stopped for my terminal, I grabbed my stuff and hurried to check-in. I walked through the glass doors of the terminal and felt that something was missing. I felt “lighter” and realized that I didn’t have my laptop! It was on the mini-bus that I saw driving away as I turned around.
The tears started welling up instantly. My life is on that laptop!
I quickly went into a tailspin because it was 8:35 and my flight was boarding in 25 minutes and I didn’t even have my boarding pass yet! I started dialing the rental car place…couldn’t get past that STUPID computerized system! I couldn’t think, I couldn’t calm down…I saw everything crumbling because I was faced right then and there with a choice—get on the plane and let go of the laptop with my whole life on it—DOCUMENTS and INFORMATION that I couldn’t easily replace—or chase down the laptop and miss my flight. The next flight wasn’t ‘til later in the afternoon, we had our small group meeting in our home that night, I wouldn’t be prepared and the whole day would be a complete disaster.
I called my rock—my husband Tony.
You’ve been here in your life more times that you can count. Not in my airport mess…but in your own LIFE MESS. You’ve been walking through life with issues that continue to derail you. The pain from that bad breakup, abusive family members, or childhood taunting that STILL impacts your self-confidence today. You’ve lived in the domino effect of when one thing goes wrong—like dominos—everything starts going wrong in your life. You get laid off from a job, can’t find work for a long time, bills pile up, you loose the house, relationship can’t take the break…you loose it and domino after domino falls. Or one HOT night of sex, leads to an unwanted pregnancy, which leads to the decision to abort and now you feel empty—domino after domino. Just like my day on Friday.
Life deals us some pretty nasty scenarios and ladies and gentlemen sometimes we need HELP getting over stuff.
Back at the airport on the phone with my husband he took control and yelled at me to calm down! Don’t think that was bad, it wasn’t. It was EXACTLY what I needed. INTERVENTION! He’d call the car rental company to track down the laptop, I would miss my flight, take a cab and go get my laptop. As I ran to the cab stand on the other side of the terminal, I slowly let go of all the dominos that would fall by missing the flight and I GOT OVER IT as I ran on the moving sidewalk.
Just then, I looked out the window and saw the car rental mini-bus! OOOOWEEEE! It was sitting outside the terminal. I bolted down the escalator, out the door and ran up to the mini-bus. The driver let me in and there it was sitting where I left it. I thanked him, grabbed it and ran back to check in.
I made the flight, with the laptop and learned that letting go and getting over stuff really works. It helps to bring clarity.
But what about REAL SERIOUS ISSUES. I know losing a laptop may not sound big to you—it is to me—and that’s the interesting thing about GETTING OVER STUFF. No matter how it appears to everyone else, if you’ve got something that’s holding YOU back, it’s huge. It’s big. It may seem insurmountable. It’s real for you, and it needs to be taken seriously by you.
How do we GET OVER miscarriages, or death of a loved one, or discrimination, never reaching our dreams, being a single parent, being shunned from church or not trusting anyone? Can we get over our PAST, grudges that we’ve held onto, getting fired or not getting a promotion? That’s what this show is about tonight GET OVER IT ALREADY! This may just be the most important conversation you’ve ever had. There’s power in telling our stories and hearing other’s stories.
I am your chief empowerment officer JENNIFER KEITT. Listen to this powerful show HERE .
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