I had the opportunity recently to interview author, activist, Mother and thought-leader, SISTER SOULJAH recently. In this interview she shared her personal thoughts about relationships, the state of our world today and about love .

I asked Souljah, “What would you say your definition of love is and how do you write about that concept (of love) through your work?”

Souljah: “Well I believe that love is a topic that is probably as vast as the ocean so I think it’s something that you could put in a neat, one or two sentences. I believe that love is a feeling, an action, an attitude, a foundation. I think that without love everything else is in chaos. I think without love you never have peace, and I think the reason why we have so much chaos in our families is because we have  crisis in love. I also think the reason why we have so much chaos in our male-female relationships is because we have fallen out of love with one another.

I think that even in our friendships we have forgotten how to love and therefore our friendships are competitive and spiteful. There’s a lot of betrayal and there’s a lot of distance and these are things that should not be a component of friendship.”

JK: I recognize that we are all looking for something Souljah, what do you think we are looking for?

Souljah: “Ultimately, I think all of us are looking for love and acceptance, but that can be dangerous without guidance and clear examples of the thing we are looking for.”

Sister Souljah’s new book “Coldest Winter Ever” is available in bookstores and online. Visit my website at http://www.jenniferkeitt.com for more empowerment articles and information.