Sisterhood Cast Members Domonique Scott & Ivy Couch Answer Their Critics Exclusively On The Jennifer Keitt Show

the-sisterhood1I had no idea what I had gotten myself into when I booked cast members from the brand new TLC reality show “The Sisterhood” on my show. As I sat waiting for Domonique Scott and Ivy Couch to arrive at the radio station I pondered just how I was going to handle this particular show. I had thoroughly digested several days of emails, blog posts and video responses and the general consensus was NOT GOOD! Everyone from church leaders to women in general are up in arms about this show. Comments from Pastor Donnie McClurkin asking why support TLC’S Sisterhood, to Pastor Marvin Sapp’s video response quoting Scripture that likens a woman who shows no discretion to a gold ring in a pig’s snout to a petition being circulated calling for the shows cancellation by Ann Cooke of Washington are just the tiny tip of the iceberg of the backlash generated by just one episode of this show.

I had invited these women on (way before the first episode aired) to talk about their reinvention of the role of the ‘First Lady’ for my New Year’s show about REINVENTING YOU. I didn’t bargain for a war! As I sat waiting for them reviewing my show’s roadmap I took a deep breath and hoped I could maintain control of the show with my listeners calling in, social media blowing up and having to sit no more than five feet across from these ladies who dared to go where no First Lady has gone before.

dominiqueDomonique was the first to arrive. She walked into my green room in white, hair flowing, face perfectly made up with eyes that were strong, secure, confident. I knew instantly this was a woman who’d been through much and survived and I liked her. She was my kind of woman—unafraid to be who she really is. Behind her was her “entourage:” her husband and two beautiful baby girls! OMG, I thought, she brought her family! Wow . . . I thought I was one of the few people that travels consistently with my family. I was surprised, I didn’t expect that. We all greeted warmly and I immediately whisked Domonique aside to begin to prep her for what was in store for the evening. I was instantly at ease as this woman (who had heard a good majority of the criticism) was unmoved by all of the attacks. Sure, she admitted that what hurt her most were the comments made by high-profile church leaders, but Domonique assured me that no topic was off limits on my show. I knew then if Ivy was even a quarter as accommodating this was going to be a great time together.



IVYIvy walked in with her husband right behind her. Ivy was sophisticated and cute, dressed in black from head to toe. She was instantly likeable like the kind of girlfriend that you’d always share secrets with. She barely looked at the pages and pages of posts, articles and clips that I had strewn all over the table as she locked eyeballs with me unafraid and said she was ready to take on the critics. I probed and questioned the ladies, using all of my “senses” to make sure they were going to be o.k. ‘going there’ with me in the wake of the first episode. Neither flinched. I knew then that I had been graced with the gift of being the FIRST talk show host to actually sit down and hear the cast member’s side of the ruckus being caused by the show.

When I was satisfied that the ladies were genuinely ready to handle all that was going to be thrown at them by callers and listeners and me, we headed into the studio.


What a show it was! From the time the ladies came on the air, my phones didn’t stop ringing as people hurled criticism after criticism about the show and especially the behavior of the cast members. Domonique and Ivy listened, and responded as best they could to EVERYTHING. We laughed and talked during breaks and I even grabbed their husbands and put them on the air to talk with me about their feelings about the show and the subsequent critique.


I must say that at the show’s end I felt really, really good. Domonique and Ivy did what frankly I’m not sure I could have done—stood and faced their critics with grace. Frankly, I would have wanted to fight, to cuss and to be angry. They weren’t. On the contrary, they seem very ready for the road that they’re about to travel as America gets to decide if they like the REINVENTION OF THE ROLE OF “FIRST LADY” on this brand new show.

JK, Domonique, IvyOn a very real note, I think it’s extremely difficult to be harsh, critical and judgmental against someone whom you’ve looked into the eye. I live by my personal rule of always endeavoring to GO TO THE SOURCE to get ALL sides of an issue before coming to a conclusion. I wish that before we in society could say ANYTHING negative about people (especially in social media) we HAD to sit across from them face to face to say it. It’s really easy to watch someone’s work, criticize it but never have to face that person or bother to ask THEM why they did it or give them a chance to explain or even apologize for their behavior. What happened to Covey’s rule of seeking first to understand BEFORE being understood? Domonique and Ivy are real women. Very normal women who laugh, who cry, who (admittedly) make mistakes and who (I believe) are truly endeavoring to add to the national conversation. Let’s keep it real, without them jumping into this show we WOULD NOT be having a conversation about the role of first lady, pastor’s wives or what’s happening in the church world today. Could it be that God is truly bigger than what we give Him credit for and He can take what may seem as a “foolish thing” and use it to “confound the wise?” With a few people shy of ONE MILLION viewing the first episode (ranking their show #15 of the popular ad-sustained primetime cable network programs) my prediction is that Domonique and Ivy are well on their way to becoming stars.

And I am honored to have been one of the first talk show hosts who got their side of the story. Be sure to visit my website at