reflectingThe first step on the path to reinvention is very personal and internal. It’s reflection. Reflection is that process of thinking quieting and calmly. When we reflect we are able to mine the treasures of valuable information, ideas and opinions that are lying deep within our soul that can inform us, inspire us and motivate us toward greater heights in our lives. Let me tell you what happens during our lives. We get into automatic pilot mode—get up in the morning, get ready for work, get the kids ready, kiss the husband, feed the dog, off to work, pick up dinner on the way home, only to put in a few more hours of family time—you know the drill. This cycle—which I call the life treadmill—keeps going. But here’s a secret. YOU CONTROL THE TREADMILL’S OFF BUTTON! Reflection turns the treadmill off. At the Y that I go to the treadmills have a big RED button on them—you can’t miss ‘em. The button turns the machine OFF.

Reflection is your big red button that turns the treadmill of your life OFF, so that you can breathe, you can think…so that you can actually form an opinion or idea about what you want to reinvent or change or make new in your life. Don’t attempt a New Year’s resolution, or a new goal until you’ve pushed the red button on the treadmill of your life and have STOPPED the madness to sit down and reflect on what you REALLY want, what you REALLY think, and what you REALLY want to REINVENT about you or your life. Step one on the path to reinvented living is to REFLECT. Mine the treasures of your heart in order to discover what you really want, think and focus on in your personal reinvention process. Use these reflection questions in order to make the most of your reflection time! Registration is underway to my huge REINVENTION CONVENTION, Power Breakfast 2013 on Saturday March 16th! It’s being held at the Georgia International Convention Center starting at 8:00 am. REGISTER TODAY! for registration/breakfast details!


1. As you enjoy the calm and silence during reflection ask yourself, “Who do I really want to become this year?”

2. What is the ONE area that you think needs reinventing in your life?

3. What is holding you back right now from taking your next necessary step?

3. Who do you need to connect with, or bring onto your dream team in order to accomplish your reinvention goal?

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