frustrationMaybe you’re thankful for loving families, good husbands and wives and healthy kids. But I wonder how many of you are really and truly THANKFUL for your jobs? Now I don’t mean being thankful for being employed or bringing home a paycheck, I mean being truly thankful for your place of employment, your boss, your co-workers (ALL of them!), and your company.
Not on somedays, but EVERYDAY!
Yeah I know because everyone got beat up in some way during the recession we may be a little hesitant to admit that we’re secretly frustrated as heck with our jobs. Now I didn’t say we were ungrateful for being employed but I am saying that the personal toll our jobs are taking on many of us is almost UNREAL. And this time of year the pressure to buy all that stuff doesn’t give us a moment to think about how much our jobs are weighing us down. It seems almost sacrilegious to say out loud that we’re tired–sick and tired–of our bosses. It may be hard to admit that you’re ready to punch a co-worker in the face if she says one more rude thing to you! Between the overloaded work schedules, completely messed-up work/family balance and the doom-and-gloom atmosphere that many of us experience daily, our 9-5’s are the single greatest source of frustration in our lives. We’re dealing with gossiping colleagues, tedious work, and levels of anxiety that are through the roof. Many doctors that I’ve talked to say that prescription medication for anxiety is at record-levels this year! Go ahead..whisper to yourself “I’m tired of my job!” Now breathe…because tonight I’m going to help you do something about that pain in your butt called your J-O-B!
Research shows that 60- 80% of ALL difficulties in organizations stem from strained relationships between employees. That means a big, big source of what’s bothering you right now and night after night is someone you work with. The typical manager is spending 25- 40% of his or her time dealing with workplace conflict and drama. Almost HALF of your boss’ time is dealing with mess and drama! When’s the work getting done?
I can’t tell you the numbers of people that I know personally who are sick and tired of their jobs. They’re holding on wishing, hoping, thinking that things will change. But the truth is, jobs don’t change, PEOPLE CHANGE. You and I have got do something different if we hope to get out of the frustrated place many of us are in on our jobs.  You’re trying to medicate the frustration you feel with alcohol or the gym or even venting with your spouse but it ain’t working! You’re still frustrated and apathy may be setting in leaving you lacking the motivation to even do your job. Maybe your company is talking about downsizing and with the holiday season here, you’re worried about losing your job. Or on the other hand, you feel that your work and actions don’t even matter.
Bottomline, all of these feelings and triggers have you in a constant state of anxiety and you’re NOT content or happy. You’re miserable, your spouse is miserable, the kids and even the dog is miserable and that’s no way to live. Why do I care? Because, I’ve been there and have seen first hand what happens when we get out of control on our jobs. Growing up, I watched my Father get fired time and time and time again. He couldn’t buy a job at one point. The drama that always ensued on his jobs was predictable like clockwork and because he didn’t have a release, a way to talk it out, a way to develop coping skills, he ended up losing job after job after job.
But I want to help save your job and save your sanity tonight. Too many of you are taking to your twitter and Facebook accounts to express your displeasure.
YOU’RE GOING TO GET FIRED IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO THAT! Case in point the Huffington Post had a story about a former waitress at a pizza restaurant. She became irritated after she had to stay past her shift to wait on a table of two. When the table cleared, the guests left what she thought was an inadequate tip. She used curse words when venting on her Facebook page that night and she called the customers cheap. She was fired for complaining about customers on her page. She said she didn’t expect to be fired over something she called “very small” but the company said she violated policy and that they care about what people say about their customers.
You’re employer is NEVER going to be cool with you venting through social media, that’s why I’m doing this show so that we can talk about HOW TO DEAL WITH WORKPLACE FRUSTRATION in healthy, positive manner. I was surprised during this show our phones NEVER stopped ringing! LISTEN NOW TO THIS SHOW.
I am your chief empowerment officer JENNIFER KEITT and I’m empowering you to keep your job! HOW TO HANDLE WORKPLACE FRUSTRATION. THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW can be heard every Sunday on KISS 104, Atlanta’s R&B.