Get ready because I’m going there, right smack dab into the middle of your love life!
One of my producers found this saying this week, to set us up for this topic: it says “BAD BOYS AINT NO GOOD – GOOD BOYS AINT NO FUN?” Is this true? You better believe it is!  The choices that we make as women prove it. I think we’re afraid to admit it, but let me tell you what I know about you—about many women in fact—we have BAD BOYS in our past! And not all of them were mistakes. These bad boys offer us a challenge, we find them exciting, stimulating, dangerous even. Their swag, their arrogance masked as confidence, their social capital, we KNOW IT, they’re TROUBLE with a capital T!


I can still remember my first bad boy. I was the new girl that year. First day of school, I walked onto the school bus I looking for an open seat. The bus started moving I jerked forward and awkwardly made my way down the aisle, trying desperately not to fall. I past row after row of kids who were doubled up…even tripled up on every seat. The bus was packed and as I made my way toward the back, I started panicking thinking, “Oh my goodness, I’m going to have to stand all the way to school!” And then I saw him. Sitting in the middle of a seat, alone. I stopped and asked him was the seat taken. And he looked at me…and I knew instantly…he was a “somebody” in the pecking order of high school…and I was gonna be embarrassed if he didn’t say I could sit.  Well he said yes and my life wasn’t the same again that entire school year. On that first bus ride to school…my first day of my JUNIOR YEAR in a new school, I sat down next to the quintessential star of the basketball team, star of the football team, senior BAD BOY. I knew deep down in my gut that this guy was trouble…and I KNEW that I should stay away. I didn’t, I ran to him and I paid dearly for it!
Fast forward to college. Now you’d think I’d learned my lesson right? NO! Just like you, I wanted what I wanted. I was grown, in college. So I started dating this guy, but he was “good” guy: smart and funny, I met his Mom and family he came from a good background. Well everything was cool until he decided to pledge a FRATERNITY. Now here’s where things got really, really, interesting.
I learned in college that guys can change categories. Good boys can become bad. Week after week, after week as he got closer and closer to crossing—I saw my GOOD GUY transform into a BAD BOY right before my eyes. I was like, really? Why is your apartment filling up with women—who were these girls? Besides practicing your steps for the Greek show—what else are you practicing up in here? No one was on him like that when we started dating. But I learned in college that colors and a cane—oops did I say cane—well I learned that a FRATERNAL ORGANIZATION can change a brother BIG TIME. In fact, FRAT BOYS were bad boys on campus. I watched as my guy crossed and lost his mind and of course I was a casualty of that war. What guy would want one girl when you could have all girls—at the same time if you wanted? On campus I saw guys who were nobodies became BAD BOY somebodies because they pledged a FRAT. And the women ate it up—literally!
Here’s why I’m talking about this. Guys every day you’re trying your darndest, you’re trying to wine and dine your woman, trying to be nice and date nice young ladies and you can’t win for losing. She’s taking advantage of your kindness, playing you for a fool, making you feel like a punk…and you can’t figure her out. Ladies, you continue to pursue and go after the bad boys time and time again. Here’s what you say, “I got this! I can change him!” You’re convinced you can change him. And you wind up hurt over and over again. I’m tired of women and men walking around blind with jacked up relationships. Women can’t find the love they want because they keep getting screwed by BAD BOYS—or when they do find a good guy, they mess it up because they don’t know how to handle being treated well. And men don’t know what the heck women want! They try to treat us with kindness or respect and we piss ‘em off because we say they’re weak and boring. This madness has GOT to stop! That’s why I’m doing this show so we can make our way toward better relationships. Let’s get this party started! The phones never stopped ringing throughout this show . . . LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE NOW.
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