I’m continuing in this special series of practical posts to help you live powerfully every single day. Today, Moms, Dads, PARENTS, it’s on you! I feel like parents are losing the parenting battle in our world today. Kids DON’T HAVE the information that they need to succeed. And the truth is the FIRST place, in fact, the only place that should hold the most weight and should be the foundation and source of a child’s well-being and personhood, is at home: THE VALUES AND INFORMATION THAT THEY GET FROM MOM AND DAD.


Listen to these words that a little girl wrote (to one of my guests that was on this show):
“My mother had me when she was roughly 13. She has not given me that talk (sex talk) yet! Knowing that, I do sometimes think it’s okay to have sex…”

And a young man wrote, “I’m not going to lie, I am sexually active . . . I was raised by a single mother all my life and I respect women; but the way I have been playing with their bodies and emotions does not show it. When you started talking about missing fathers I broke down in class. I don’t know anything about him at all…I hate him so much! . . . I promised myself as a man to be everything he’s not . . . if I keep playing with these girls, I’ll be everything he was…”

Our kids are challenged unlike any generation. They’re confused, frustrated and honestly they aren’t getting nearly the kind of help that they need. I am tired—really sick and tired—of parents who’ve turned over the parenting of their kids to others: teachers in school, TV, the internet or worse yet, those parents who leave kids to their own imaginations or their friends!

COME ON! Really?

Our kids deserve better and  I’ve pulled out all the stops to give you the tools, thoughts, strategies—I even have experts tell you the EXACT WORDS you can use to talk to your kids about molestation, appropriating touches, puberty, emotional changes, sex and sexuality, menstruation, death, God…TOUGH CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS, because I want to help you to empower your children from the time they begin to understand, walk and talk.

The “where do babies come from” question or any tough question can come at you at any time as parents. And I believe nowadays, we’re just punkin’ out, ignoring the lack of information that our kids have about HOW TO LIVE and we’re hoping that somehow they’ll grow up to be great men and women. HOW? It doesn’t work that way. If you don’t want to be left stammering (or leave your child more confused or worse yet, leave your child with NO INFORMATION), then you have to be prepared. That’s the one goal of this show tonight—to GET YOU PREPARED!

And if your child never asks you anything, at some point you’re going to have to take the bull by the horns and have “the talk” — about sex, drugs, and about all the potential life pitfalls—constantly and age-appropriately.

But I get it. Few parents are eager to tackle these thorny subjects, and even fewer of us are confident of the right way to approach them since every child is different. I figured something up: 8,760 days. That’s how long I’ve been a parent, 8,760 days. It might sound like a lot and even though my oldest is 24, I’m still parenting, having those crucial conversations everyday. It never stops.

So, grab your pencils, paper—oops, that’s ole-school! Grab your electronic tablets, your smart phones and jot down notes, expert’s names…resources…everything I’m giving you on this show. LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE.

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