I’ve had the week from hell, so I am so very grateful that it’s over and that I get to start new and fresh this week. You know when you have tough, tough times in your life, it’s very difficult to think about the hell you’re going through in the context of success.

Yes, I said the context of success. We’ve done such a job in our society—especially here in America—of painting a portrait of success as frankly a fairytale. But if you think about it, even in the Disney fairytales, the hero, or heroine ALWAYS goes through hell before he or she gets to the “happily ever after ending.” What do you do when you’re hit with tough times? How do still find your way toward success? This week, when I began the week from hell, I remember sitting in the bathroom on the edge of the tub, with my hands cradling my head, in tears…you know what came to me at that moment? The one line from that popular song by Kelly Clarkson, “WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, if whatever you’re facing right now doesn’t completely take you out, then eventually it can help make you stronger and it can help you find your way back to success.

I’m discovering in life that SUCCESS is a very tricky word. By definition it means attainment of fame, wealth or power or something that turns out as planned. But I think what’s most interesting about success is what you have to go through to get it. Before I can see the fame, wealth, or power OR before I can get my expected outcome, I might have to go through some serious challenges. We don’t commonly talk a lot about what success costs; what hell you may have to go through before you can get it or what struggles you may have to face before you can take the proverbial gold.

We love to talk about and watch the go-getters and achievers like GABBY DOUGLAS, who’s on the show today. We watched GABBY get the gold, and we saw a little bit about how she got there, but did really think deeply about the personal sacrifice that she had to endure—for real—to get to the top of the podium. How many weeks from hell do you think she had before getting that medal draped around her neck? Think about the years and years of training—all the falling off the balance beam, all of the missed flips and tumbles on the floor exercises, all of the missed grabs on the uneven bars… all of that struggle before she could win. Gabby was alone, away from her family and friends—alone and in the proverbial dark before she could shine before the world.

I’ve got a question for you—was GABBY successful BEFORE she had the medal placed around her neck? Are YOU successful before the gold gets put around your neck?

I’m beginning to figure out that when I’m at my absolute weakest—at my absolute worst in life—that’s when I may just be MOST successful. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not GLORIFYING struggle and hard times, but I don’t think we relate to the hard times well. I think we’ve got to start putting weeks from hell into perspective and most importantly use these times to build our success portfolio.

What I can emphatically say to you today that I couldn’t say before is that I HAVE BEEN TO HELL AND NOW I’M BACK and I SURVIVED! And you can too!

Let’s get GEARED FOR SUCCESS! We can look at our attitude and determine not to let our attitude sabotage our success. We can look at our aptitude; we can identify our true gifts and talents. This week from hell, I discovered more about my gifts of compassion and mercy—I discovered in the midst of unimaginable weakness a strength I didn’t know I had. We can look at our altitude—how high do you want to go in your life? No dream is too big…you are NOT too old to reinvent yourself and to rethink what success looks like for you!

This show is for all of us as we GEAR OUR LIVES FOR SUCCESS!

What doesn’t kill us WILL make us stronger as you’ll hear from my amazing DREAM TEAM OF SUCCESS WARRIORS on the show tonight, including OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST GABBY DOUGLASS is on the show! PAT SMITH, whose husband EMMITT SMITH is on Dancing With The Stars. You have got to hear Pat’s personal success struggle and DEVON FRANKLIN is fresh off of an encore performance on OPRAH’S Super Soul Sunday. Devon will talk with us about how to be PRODUCED BY FAITH.

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