I’ve got a question for you: who cares MORE about women’s BREASTS men or women? It seems to me as if breasts are viewed very strongly and almost exclusively as SEXUAL BODY PARTS! And with the advent of HOOTERS, men’s magazines, websites, and centuries of ART featuring female breasts, my immediate answer would be that breasts are, by-in-large, for MEN! C’mon, you’ve seen a woman walk past you and your man with large breasts and you’ve seen him try not to look as he looks!
     Just think about the HUGE vocabulary associated with breasts (I’ll just mention a few): boobs, jugs, hooters, melons, ta-tas, or the girls…when I was growing up, in my home we called them GEE-GEES…Ok…I know that’s strange but that’s what my Momma called them!
     Many women complain that in conversation with men, guys look at their chests, not at their faces. Me, I’ve NEVER had that problem! I was one of the LAST girls to hit puberty in my grade. I remember being in the gym locker room, when all the girls were taking off their bras in 5th grade and I still hadn’t gotten a “training” bra yet! DO THEY STILL MAKE THOSE?? I’ve always been small chested and so for me, it’s been even more fascinating watching the OBSESSION our culture has with BREASTS.
     To feel attracted to a woman, some men NEED a certain breast size—large, medium, or small. But studies do show that most men like ANY breasts, especially those attached to the women they’re involved with. When you think about breasts, what purpose do they serve? If you don’t breastfeed your children, what function do breasts have? I’ve wondered about this question and had to find an answer.
     FLORENCE WILLIAMS has written a book about breasts called what else, BREASTS: A NATURAL AND UNNATURAL HISTORY. Her investigation follows the life cycle of the breast from puberty to menopause…did you know that breasts are bigger now than ever? Or that breast milk is sold on the internet for 262 times the price of oil? I talked with Florence about her book…and even she says the debate has been raging over whether breasts are indeed for men or women and it turns out that only Western Men and our culture is OBSESSED WITH BREASTS!
     Why do you think this is? And what kind of pressure does this amount of obsession with breasts put on women. Do you think that women feel envious of each other’s breast size? Are  we in a breast competition in society today? WHO CARES MORE ABOUT BREASTS MEN OR WOMEN?  This show is ALL ABOUT BREASTS! We talk about what breasts mean to women (and men), how to fit ‘em, examine ‘em and how to be courageous enough to face when something might be wrong with them…  LISTEN HERE NOW.
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