So, how are these first few days and weeks of school coming along for you parents? Whew!  I know how crazy those first few weeks of school are… here, take a second, inhale with me, 1, 2, 3…and exhale, 1, 2, 3…. blow it out!

I can remember, like yesterday dropping my daughter Morgan off for her first day of kindergarten. She cried and cried! I was lost for words when at the end of the day when I picked her up, her teacher looked at me—with that teacher look—and asked, “Miss Keitt has she ever been around other kids?” I felt horrible! She was my first kid, and this was my first time EVER sending a child to kindergarten. Was it my job as parent to FIX IT so that she didn’t cry because of a new environment or because she misses me?

Then there was the time when my son Caleb was in the fourth grade. His class was putting on a MEDIEVAL FEAST—he had picked the slip of paper that said that he could be the KING at the feast, but was told to put that slip back and pick another slip, which had him ending up being a server. How do I make that better when he asked me “WHY” as a Mom?

Oh, what about the time I had to stop in the middle of shopping so that my daughter Naomi could call a special number to hear whether or not she made the cheerleading squad. While she was dialing and holding on as the LIST was being read, I remember standing there dreading what was gonna happen if she didn’t make the squad. What was I going to say to PARENT HER WELL so that her esteem didn’t plummet?

I could on and on…with story after story—I have four kids and I’ve been climbing this parenting mountain for over 24 years. And I know you have plenty of your own stories. How do you know what decision to make to parent well? How do you navigate through the BACK-TO-SCHOOL experience? I LOVE those Target commercials, where the teachers sing about what your student going to need this school year. What if it were only as simple as backpacks, notebooks and JEANS!!

I knew I was in trouble as a parent when my MOM, years ago said “I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT? I COULD NEVER RAISE KIDS IN THESE TIMES!” What? If she didn’t know how I was going to do it…I darn sure didn’t KNOW! And what about you? How are you parenting in the times that we’re in?

How do you navigate social media? I talked with my son today who’s now in his first semester of college and of course his sister had already shown me the party pics he was at Friday night on one of her friend’s Facebook pages! Are you Facebook friends with your kids? When’s the right age for your kids to jump into the socialmediasphere?

When I was in college, THANK GOD, there was NO FACEBOOK and my Mom certainly didn’t have ANY IDEA what I was doing day-to-day or week-to-week!!! Part of me wishes that I didn’t know about Facebook, twitter, bullying, synthetic drugs, suicide, mean girls, cheating scandals and on and on and on…

Well PARENTS it’s all about YOU! We’re going to talk about what it takes to help you be a SUPER SUCCESS THIS SCHOOL YEAR! No doctors. No psychologists. No authors of the latest book. Just me and you and the REAL Moms and Dads that I have live in the studio with me—we’re talking about OUR VIEW on back-to-school-parenting success.

The latest government stats say that we spend 7.7 BILLION dollars for back to school shopping. And I think if we can spend that much money to make sure our kids LOOK like students—the least we can do is spend a few minutes talking about what it takes for us to be great parents so that our kids can BE great students.

Let me tell you this secret. At some of the toughest and lowest points in my life as a parent, what helped me the most was talking to OTHER PARENTS. When I found out that my kids weren’t the only kids doing the stuff they were doing—you don’t know what a relief that was! Deep down as parents we just want our kids to be o.k. and to be successful—and when I heard how other parents handled stuff—even if I didn’t agree with their methods, it still helped me to figure out the best way I should deal with my kids.

Many of us are overwhelmed and here’s why. What YOU have to negotiate through every day of your parenting lives are things like:

• Bullying (what would you do, what to do)
• Homework routines (necessary or not, why or why not)
• Dealing with teachers (what happens if the teacher isn’t “friendly” or you don’t get along with him/her)
• Positioning your kids for success (how do you really do this in such a competitive environment like it is today)
• Peer pressure (how do you handle this with your kids)
• Friends (what’s the best way to navigate your kids through friendships…)
• Clothing: what they’re gonna wear (why is clothing SUCH a big deal and how do parents avoid going BROKE trying to dress their kids nicely)
• Extra curricular activities when’s it too much (when is enough, enough, how do you schedule)
• Sports (thoughts on how much emphasis should parents put on sports, especially for scholarships)
• Self esteem for our kids (how to we raise healthy, whole kids who LOVE themselves)
• Positioning kids for college how? When? (when’s the right time to begin positioning your kids for college)
• Black kids and school success (is it different, how or how not)
• What goal should parents keep in mind for school success?
• Fighting/violence in schools (what do we teach our kids about violence in school)
• Teen pregnancy
• Drinking alcohol
• Drugs
• Suicide…

AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON! You can’t do it on your own—nor should you have to. I’m here, my Moms and Dads are here…so let’s get this conversation started! CLICK HERE to listen to this show!
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