I think that if we’re not really careful life can get away from us and we can miss the opportunity to connect with those who mean the most to us. We are always moving a hundred miles per hour! Well today, if it’s o.k. with you I want to slow things down.

I was talking to a friend recently and I told her that ever since 911 happened, I’ve been extremely intentional about how I live—including making sure that I say I love you to all of my kids and my husband every single day because I don’t know if that will be the last time that I get a chance to say I Love You and I don’t want to miss that opportunity.

As Americans we are notoriously guilty of DOING THE MOST for everyone else, especially working all of the time, even to the neglect of our own well-being and our families! As a nation we’re OBSESSED with work. An article on cnn.com that I was reading this week said there should be a warning sign posted in our workplaces that says “WARNING: WORKING TOO MANY WEEKS WITHOUT A VACATION IS GOING TO KILL YOU!”  Studies have shown that we don’t take vacations. In fact, we skip vacations and these same studies say that there’s a chance that we may DIE YOUNGER than those people who do take vacations.

Now I know everyone can’t afford the huge, luxury get away, I’m not only talking about that. What about being intentional about relaxing or connecting with our loved ones everyday? What about being quiet daily or being still or giving thanks, letting go, sitting down and eating dinner with family or friends?

Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s show is designed TO SAVE YOUR LIFE—literally!

Today, I’m going to help you STAYCATE, VACATE AND RELAX in your life! We need this! Some of you view taking a vacation as sign of weakness. I can remember early on in my career, I wanted to work harder, faster, stronger than everyone—to prove I was a team player, be in the mix of what was happening. But the truth is, bodies that are exhausted, mentally fatigued, stressed out, aren’t doing anyone ANY good!

Others of you apologize for taking a vacation feeling guilty. I was on HLN TV network recently talking about this very subject. Many people don’t vacation because they think they can’t afford it, or the work piles up and they have to do SO MUCH when they get back that they think the vacation isn’t worth it. And still others admit that their workplaces don’t have a CULTURE OF ACCEPTING VACATIONS. Who wants to be afraid of getting FIRED or if you’re PENALIZED if you take a vacation? I get it!

Yet our bodies, minds, souls and spirits MUST HAVE REST. Guys…Even God rested on the seventh day!

I want you to call me and tell me if you take vacations, why or why not? Is it true for you that you just can’t take a vacation? What’s stopping you? Or are you a world traveler and know how to vacation and want to help the rest of us? Post your comments below.

Since the recession began people have cut back discretionary spending and one of the first things to go was the family vacation. Instead of expensive airline tickets and hotel stays, people have been getting VERY creative and are having STAY-AT-HOME-VACATIONS, or the staycation! You can afford to stay right at home and vacate! Things like TAKING NAPS, lounging around the house—going to a state park close to home, hosting a barbeque or spending time with the kids… the point is that you DON’T have to have a lot of money in order to vacate or relax. If you’ve gotten into STAYCATIONS let me know your best ideas below.

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