With Father’s Day this past Sunday, I realized that the DAD conversation is very challenging for me. In fact, while preparing for my special Father’s Day show, I ran across an article written in the Washington Post entitled YOUR DAD, YOUR HERO.

This article really bothered me.

It said, “Dad is a provider and a protector. He will screw together cribs, build forts and read the same worn children’s book over and over again. He picks up toys and cleans up messes, and tends to bumps and scrapes. If something is broken, he fixes it. He will drop his work to throw a ball around for awhile – then get back to what he was doing and finish the job. He was there when you took your first step, and when you started off to school. He is the one you ran to saying “Daddy!” when he got home from work. He is good-natured and always has a joke ready. He helps play pranks, even if it means being the object of them. When you tried to surprise him he was always surprised. You rarely saw him angry, and you tried hard to keep it that way.”

This editorial bothered me because this sounds like a fantasy—my Dad never did any of these things. And to this day, I still wonder how the DAD HOLE in my soul impacts me. My Dad was married to my Mom and for 17 years they stayed married, but he wasn’t around. He lived his life, did his thing, did keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, but was completely unavailable physically or emotionally.

For a long time, I wanted a hero dad. Like my daughters are with my husband, I wanted to be daddy’s little girl. Yet I am my Father’s daughter—inside and out—for better and many times for worse.

What about you? What kind of relationship did you have with your Dad? I want to know, please post your comments. What’s the most important thing that you’ve gained from your Dad? Or, what do you feel you lack or lost out on without a Dad in your life? Let’s talk!

My Father’s Day show was amazing, and many people weighed in on their Dads. You can hear the show by clicking here. Be sure to visit my website at http://www.jenniferkeitt.com and subscribe to the podcast of my show!

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