I was on Headline News on Friday and on my way home from the CNN studios I passed the World Congress Center and tons of folks were pouring out, GRADUATES, families and friends everywhere. It is officially GRADUATION SEASON here in Atlanta!

With the passing of Donna Summer, this week, I started reminiscing as many of you did, thinking about the DISCO era, her music…(toot toot…yeah…beep, beep)…you remember! Those were my high school and college years. Decades ago.

This year, I am celebrating my 30th YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! Shout out to class of 1982 and today, I thought it would be FUN and DIFFERENT to talk about our HIGH SCHOOL YEARS, the friends, dreams, crazy times, when life was EASY. I know some of you might want to forget, but honestly reflection is good for the soul.

In preparation for this show, I pulled out my HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY book. Flipping through the pages, I was surprised to find a page in my Memory Book entitled “AFTERGLOW.” On this page,  as graduating Seniors we could write our hopes and aspirations for our future. I had totally forgotten that I wrote this. And here’s what I wrote verbatim UNEDITED as a graduating Senior in May of 1982:

“After it’s all over, the fun and excitement of my “senior” year, what’s next? Well, as far as I can see college and getting out on my own are the next two important steps that I will have to take… to fulfill my dreams, first of becoming a psychologist, then maybe marrying a wonderful RICH man (smile)! Seriously, though, the person I marry will be wonderful and I will be in love and my marriage will definitely work! If I can accomplish all of those things I can safely say that my life will be successful and complete. Children are in my dreams, two, to be exact; a boy and a girl. I’m wishing myself the strength and courage and even a little luck to make my like everything I want it to be!”


Those words were almost prophetic! Here I am today, married 27 years, having not two, but FOUR kids and while I never got a psychology degree, I’ve done TONS of counseling and coaching and empowering people every day of my life.

You know, isn’t it funny how life works? Our dreams and hopes and plans when we’re graduating from HIGH SCHOOL can either pull us uncannily into what we’re desiring or our lives can take on a completely different trajectory.

There’s a new book out by Alice Randall entitled, “Ada’s Rules. Here’s the storyline:
“…Ada is so busy taking care of those around her – her two grown daughters, elderly parents, and the kids at her day job – that she loses herself.  An invitation to her 25th anniversary college reunion is a game changer for Ada.  She takes a deep look in her physical and spiritual mirror and decides that she wants to get back to the Ada who was once happy, fit and fabulous.  As a result, Ada establishes “Ada’s Rules: Fifty-Three Perfect Rules for an Imperfect but Excellent Health and Beauty Revival.”

Ada sounds like so many of us years after our HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE days! So, I’d be honored if you’d tell me your story: WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL? Did you become that? Call me on my show hotline number (we record the shows for playback on the air anonymously) 404-906-7720. As you graduated from HIGH SCHOOL have your dreams come to pass? How did you get where you are now? In fact, WHERE are you now? Post your comments.

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