Just think about it, EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET has a Mother! Over 7 billion humans—that a whole lot of MOMMIES in the world!  Well here in the US here are the stats: 85 million Mothers; 5 million are stay-at-home Moms, while 55% work outside the home. And there are 10 million single Moms.

There was a recent USDA report that said the cost of raising a baby for the first year, for the average middle-income family, is roughly 12, 000 dollars. Now I’m sure it’s debatable as to whether or not that number increases as they get older (I for one KNOW that it does), so conclusion: KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE! Not to mention the emotional and mental cost Moms pay every day. Here’s a recent post that I read:

“Rough start this morning. Tried to do the mommy thing and actually take my kids to school. The plan was to drop kids off and then write all morning. Well, (my son) wanted me to walk him in and refused to get out the car. I finally got him out but then he didn’t want to grab his book bag. So here I am yelling and screaming for him to hurry up because of all the cars behind us. I ended up throwing the book bag out of the car and then he wouldn’t close the door. To top it off my husband was on hold and when I got back on the phone, he was like, “honey, don’t yell …. be patient…. when he does that, I get out and help him out of the car…he’ll be okay…the other parents can wait….” Of course, this doesn’t help. It took me 30 mins and a chickfil A burrito to calm me down. And I was going to have lunch with them?!?! Whew…. Being a mommy is not easy.

If I could have a DOLLAR for every time I felt like she did, I’d be RICH right about now! Motherhood is the most FABULOUS gift we have as women, and yet sometimes it can feel so scary.

Jill Smokler writes the popular SCARY MOMMY BLOG. Listen to some of these Mom confessions:

  • I am so lonely. I am actually considering renting a friend.
  • I hate it when my emotional first reactions come back to bite me in the ass. I’m so sorry I misjudged the situation.
  • I hate shared custody! Afraid that I won’t bond with my daughters if I only see them every other week. How can you parent like that? But what other way is there? Neither dad or I could go more than a week w/o them.
  • The baby just pooped really loud and it scared him! I laughed so hard he started to cry. ( Mom of the year here)

There is NOTHING else like being a Mom! That’s why this special show is just for you—today’s Mom. I KNOW how important it is TO NOT FEEL YOU’RE ALL ALONE with the thoughts and emotions running around inside your head. As we take the time to celebrate our Moms today, let’s also take the time to find out—for real—what’s going on inside her heart.

PlumDistrict.com polled over 19,000 women and eight out of ten said they would prefer to sleep in on Mother’s Day instead of watching the sunrise with their kids. One out of three admitted that they secretly want to be alone on the holiday. When CafeMom readers were asked to contribute to a Mother’s Day wish list, the theme was overwhelmingly the same. “A day off from EVERYTHING.”

It’s time and it’s so important to LISTEN to our Moms. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on today’s show. Step Moms, Single Moms, Mother’s who stay-at-home, Moms who are entrepreneurs—even MICHAEL JORDAN’S Mom are on the show today—all here to discuss what’s REALLY on Mom’s heart—Mom Confessions…a special Mother’s Day Show, just for you.

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