I’m eager to jump right into tonight’s show—the topic sexual education, 101, yep, SEX ED 101!

I remember my first Sex Ed class. I was 16, taking the ‘mandatory’ health class that we had to take in High School. I remember sitting in the dark looking at grotesque slides and complicated pictures and diagrams as the teacher droned on and on about STD’s. I learned absolutely nothing; except how to giggle at the male anatomy with my friends and wonder “how in the heck a baby was going to come out of THERE??”

Last summer I wrote a curriculum for young women entitled SEXUALLY HEALTHY WOMEN. It was for one of my classes and I am currently in the process of publishing it, but I tell you what I learned when I put together that curriculum was astounding. In her book, “Longing To Tell,” author Tricia Rose shares important insight from the stories of adult Black women. If we use her words to get a glimpse into the first orientation that many Black women have had, regarding their sexuality, Rose’s work is eye-opening. She says, “Most of the women with whom I spoke learned about sex and menstruation from peers, siblings, feminine-products, contraceptive pamphlets, and popular culture.”


Needless to say, I NEVER learned or truly felt comfortable about my sexuality, my understanding about sex or even HOW to have GREAT SEX because I wasn’t taught and it’s not chic to ask questions.

My guess is that you may relate all too well with what I’m saying.

Truth be told, we stumble through the dark, with misinformation or NO information and then wonder why we have so many challenges with sex? But you don’t have to believe me; research shows about 66% of all women have sexual concerns. You know, a woman’s sexuality (or a man’s) is a complex interplay of physical and emotional responses. Our sexuality affects the way we think and feel about ourselves. And when a woman or a man has sexual problems, it can impact many aspects of our lives, including our personal relationships and our self-esteem. Sadly many men and women are hesitant to talk about their sexuality with their health care professionals or even their spouses. Instead, we needlessly suffer in silence.

Not anymore. We’re talking SEX-ED 101—what we should have been taught about SEX! I want you to join in to the conversation, starting right now, call me and tell me HOW you learned about sex, 404-906-7720, I WANT to hear your stories.

A sexually healthy woman (or man) is emotionally intelligent, connected to her innermost values, beliefs, feelings and motivators and is able to successfully navigate her boundaries first with herself and then with others. There are five areas that we want to consider when discussing our sexual health:

1.  A sexually healthy woman recognizes the impact media and societal messages have had (and still have) on the shaping of a woman’s identity and sexual behavior.

2.  A sexually healthy woman is fully aware of her sexual (hi)story! She recognizes that her sexual story begins the moment she is born and is a continuous journey, and a sexually healthy woman knows and has reflected on her unique story.

3.  A sexually healthy woman has taken sexual inventory looking comprehensively at such things as her body boundaries, relationship models and choices, safe sex behaviors, sexual responses, sexual activities and reproductive choices.

4.  A sexually healthy woman is engaged with and understands how she values herself, her self-esteem and has explored her thoughts and feelings surrounding her body image.

5.  A sexually healthy woman has taken the time to reflect on the men (and women) that have helped shape her sexuality so that she is able to enter into and navigate freely into healthy sexual relationships.

Finally, sexually healthy women HONOR themselves inside and out! They’re able to remain true to their own heart, values, and beliefs no matter what is said to her or about her; they are comfortable and confident honoring the power of their femininity and sexuality.

We had a VERY FULL show on this topic SEX ED 101—what we should have been taught about SEX! LISTEN NOW TO THE SHOW!

As always I am taking your questions and comments, 404-906-7720. You have GOT to join the conversation. How did you learn about sex—friends, parents, TV?? I want to know, 404-906-7720. I am YOUR CHIEF EMPOWERMENT OFFICER, Jennifer Keitt and The Jennifer Keitt Show airs every Sunday 7 -8 pm on KISS 104, Atlanta’s R&B!

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