I saw a new GALLUP poll this week that said “AMERICANS GET HAPPIER WITH AGE.” The study, which was conducted last year with over 500,000 interviews concluded that Americans aged 60 and older demonstrate significantly better emotional health than those younger than 60 years.

Those unhappiest—were people between the ages of 40 and 44!

Overall, Americans didn’t have high EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY scores. We’re in one of the most prosperous countries—everything at our disposal—and yet the survey found that only about 1 in 4, or roughly 28 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 54 were emotionally healthy. That means that 72% of us are emotionally UNHEALTHY! What does that mean for our relationships, our careers, businesses, communities, churches…what about our children? Who’s teaching them to be emotionally stable and sound?

The time between the ages of 25 and 54 is, arguably, the MOST STRESSFUL of one’s life, with constant worries about relationships, career, finances and child rearing.  And ironically the United States didn’t even make the cut of THE TOP 10 HAPPIEST NATIONS—can you believe it? And of course, I immediately think about the African-American Community. Where are we on the happiness, emotionally healthy continuum?

Well guess what? Let’s find out where we are today as I ask you one of the most important questions that anyone can ask you, “WHAT’S TROUBLING YOU?” Honestly I am very disheartened by the fact that in our communities we don’t discuss mental and emotional well-being as we should. And with the recent TRAGIC deaths of icons like MICHAEL JACKSON, DON CORNELIUS and WHITNEY HOUSTON, I wonder that if CELEBRITIES of that magnitude don’t even feel safe reaching out for support and help—what in the world does this mean for the rest of us?

Oh my goodness, I can remember struggling on and off for years with what I have now learned was depression. There would be days of going through life on automatic, getting up in the morning, getting the kids ready for school, half-listening, half-engaged and overwhelmed with a sense of despair, yet putting on a face for everyone. Somehow over the years I found coping mechanisms, but not before suffering for quite a while. But if you would have asked me back then “ARE YOU O.K., really? I would have said yes, because I didn’t see what I was experiencing as MENTAL ILLNESS.

You get a cold, that’s o.k. You’re low on cash, that’s understandable. You’re having relational difficulties and maybe friends and family will see you through the breakup, but if you’re TROUBLED in your mind, or emotionally you feel DEPRESSED of ANXIOUS, you don’t talk about that!  I was taught, SUCK IT UP and deal with it! Don’t air your dirty laundry. Ain’t nothing wrong with you?! Get over it! Be STRONG!

And so I suffered in silence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, according to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS, by the year 2020, depression will be the SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH behind heart disease for everyone…and I want to talk with you about WHAT’S TROUBLING YOU so that we can TAKE CARE OF OUR MENTAL HEALTH AND GET “A CHECK-UP FROM THE NECK UP!” The JENNIFER KEITT SHOW phone lines are open, call me, 404-906-7720 so that we can talk about WHAT’S TROUBLING YOU? What stress has got you by the throat? If it’s true that between the ages of 25 and 54 ARE THE MOST STRESSFUL in our lives, we’ve got to be going through and I’m talking about this important subject of mental health and well-being JUST FOR YOU!

There’s powerful healing found in telling our stories. We’re journeying together, taking our time and talking about WHAT’S TROUBLING US so that we can begin to IMPROVE OUR MENTAL HEALTH! Moms, what’s troubling you? Dads what’s troubling you? Boyfriends, girlfriends, relationships, jobs, careers, death, grief…LIFE…whatever situation has got you stressed out call THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW at 404-906-7720.

I must say this disclaimer…THIS BLOG IS FOR INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY and is NOT intended to replace medical advice. Contact your medical care provider if you have any questions or concerns about your physical, mental or emotional health.

I believe that it takes a VILLAGE to help us live our best lives and today, I want you to call so we can help one another. I am YOUR CHIEF EMPOWERMENT OFFICER, Jennifer Keitt. Visit my website at http://www.jenniferkeitt.com. And LIKE The Jennifer Keitt Show Facebook Page or follow me on twitter @jenniferkeitt.