Well we are just a week away from SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! YAY!

Now, can I be honest? I’m not a football follower. I know, I know, even hearing myself saying it, it sounds UN-AMERICAN! This will be the 46th Superbowl and I’m 47 years old, so that means there’s been a Superbowl game almost every year of my life! That’s deep! The Superbowl is a game that has most of the country enthralled and I can’t quote one winner or one historic play.

So I took it upon myself to read up on the Superbowl and as you probably already know, it’s a re-match between the NY GIANTS and NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS who met back at the 2008 Superbowl, with the GIANTS winning that one! So it’s gonna be ON this coming Sunday, so I’ve been told… and although I’m not into football or the Superbowl, I am fascinated with how we celebrate the Superbowl.

You know ANYTHING that brings people together in fun, laughter, and harmony, I am FOR IT! We’ve got so much heartache, pain and destruction in life, so I GET IT! The Superbowl presents a chance for a get together with friends, family, food and trash talking…shoot…I’M THERE TOO!

This will be the FIRST time that INDIANAPOLIS hosts the Superbowl and in preparation, it’s reported that the stadium has undergone an estimated 720 million dollar reconstruction which includes an additional 7,000 seats, a retractable roof and a unique large window at one end of the field. And don’t forget the Superbowl commercials, reported to run 3.5 million dollars for a 30-second spot…So I have a question, ARE WE STILL IN A RECESSION??? C’MON! THIS is deep!

According to treehugger.com there will be an average of 17 people at any given party. And chances are those people will have made plans 41 days before the game. KIM KARDASHIAN’S MARRIAGE only lasted 72 days! We plan for the Superbowl almost as long as KIM stayed married, WHOA!!

So the majority of us will gather around flat screens. I heard this week, someone that my husband knows will have 17 FLAT SCREENS in his house to watch the game!!! And with only 2 of the 32 teams in the league in the game, probability dictates that most of the people watching aren’t fans of either team. They’re just FANS OF THE GAME. And this game isn’t really a game, it’s an event that transcends sports. Some even call it a NATIONAL HOLIDAY! And with an estimated 100 million people in 232 countries, speaking 34-different languages watching, this truly has become a world-wide phenomenon. Hundreds of millions gather for a four hour game, all on the same page… but the 535 people we’ve elected in congress can’t all get on the same page month, after month, after month…MAYBE IF CONGRESS HAD A HALF-TIME SHOW THEY COULD AGREE? Just a thought!

So I have to laugh about all of this because sports for me have only been a means to an end. I’m just gonna keep it real with you, I liked whatever sport the guy I was dating played. Football, when I dated football players; basketball when I dated basketball players and even baseball, when I dated a player in high school. Sports, for me, was always the way to connect with men! So I get the fascination for women—but I’m still trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK IS THE DRAW IS FOR THE MEN?!

My curiosity really got the best of me this week and I had to start talking to people, making phone calls. I want to find out what our obsession is with football and how are people going to get down and party next Sunday for the game. I know there are ladies out there just as psyched about the game, last night on my show I found out about one party in which it is going to be a ladies night in!  So tell me WHY YOU LOVE THE SUPERBOWL? Who you’re routing for AND this is MOST important: share with me YOUR FOOD RECIPES for your Superbowl party!!! Email me at thejenniferkeittshow@gmail.com or you can also post your comments on THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW FACEBOOK PAGE all this week! Share how you are watching the Superbowl with me and my audience!  Follow me on twitter @JenniferKeitt, and be sure to tune in from 7 – 8 pm ET every Sunday night on KISS 104, Atlanta’s R&B!

Go team!