Happy New Year! We are already twelve days into a New Year and I am so EXCITED about what this year’s going to hold…I hope you are too!

But I’ve been wondering why we get all pumped up and motivated at the first of every year? I’m amazed at how many articles, stories and information are out now concerning NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.  I even found a GOVERNMENT WEBSITE that talked about the most popular resolutions year after year. That list included:

I have a question for you. Don’t we want these things ALL throughout the year? So why do we make these checklists the first of every year and fizzle by week three?!

I’ve found in my own life there isn’t some NEW YEARS MAGIC DUST that I can sprinkle that enables me to fulfill resolutions! In fact, if I’m real honest with you, I don’t even believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Nope, not at all!

I call resolutions, RESO-LIES…and I stopped RESO-LYING to myself many years ago.

‘Reso-lying’ happened for me when I had all these New Year’s resolutions that I wasn’t passionate about, and I really didn’t know or intend to keep them. YET I used to make them year after year, lying to myself, only to fizzle out by the end of January! It wasn’t good for me at all.

Let me tell you a story. Early on in my marriage, one year I resolved to myself that I wasn’t going to have the last word with Tony my husband anymore. I had this nasty habit of going on and on and on when we would disagree …HAVING to have the last word!

My resolution was challenged in what seemed like minutes after I made it…he was in another part of the house and we were going back and forth yelling. My resolution come up for me…I told myself…DON’T SAY ANYTHING…LET IT GO…SHHH!!! …REMEMBER YOUR RESOLUTION….

Honey I blew past that resolution, yelled back and never looked back at it again that year. I had the attitude when I made it…well, if I do it, great…if not, no big deal. But as I grew and matured…I realized I didn’t want to be a woman who lied to herself…so I stopped making reso-lies altogether. Instead, I started creating what I called viso-lutions!

I can’t accomplish stuff I don’t see or feel within. I have to “see” or envision something for myself AND buy into it, before I can strive toward accomplishing it! So I started creating viso-lutions and every year (sometimes twice a year) I create and accomplish and feel great when I see my viso-lutions come to pass!

What do you do? Do you set resolutions for yourself? Are you able to accomplish them? Do you have challenges…what works for you? I want to know! Tell me what are you hoping to SEE happen in your life for 2012!

Many of us struggled through 2011…and we’re READY for change! But we can’t get to where we want to be if we’re just going to ‘reso-lie’ to ourselves! Here’s what I do. My viso-lutions are broken down into four simple categories. I call them the FOUR H’S…I have a vision for my:

My “hand” viso-lution is something that I see myself DOING during the course of this year. I’m a doer, an achiever and I PLAY BIG and LOVE to accomplish…I have to see myself accomplishing what I put my hands to!

My “heart” viso-lution is who I see myself BECOMING during this year. I’m intentional about working on my character, the woman I am becoming deep within.

My “head” viso-lution is something that I see myself LEARNING this year. I am life-learner and I am always going to be in someone’s classroom learning!

And my “health” viso-lution is something that I see myself SUSTAINING this year that will enable me to be healthy, taking care of myself in order to be around longer to enjoy my life. My daughter and I start our evening walks TOMORROW as part of this viso-lution.

That’s it. Four -H viso-lutions that will help me move my life forward.

What about you? Please share with me your New Year’s ‘viso-lution’ stories, good and bad. What do you want to accomplish this year? What do you see for yourself? Start seeing a better year right now!