Holiday Emotions!


There are only a few days left until Christmas and I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around that! For me, the holidays have always been a special time, I have to admit it. I LOVE everything Christmas! Trees, lights, decoration, food, reflection, family…

You know I can still remember our first Christmas with our first-born daughter. We were headed from Chicago to Grandma’s house. She was six months old, trying to scoot about crawling and Tony and I couldn’t have been more excited! Our first Christmas as a family! Wow, that was 23 years ago!

But this year it’s different. It’s tough for me. Don’t get me wrong nothing’s changed in my family.  That one child has turned into FOUR children and Tony and I are doing great but let me tell you I left work beyond EXHAUSTED this week. I had to “will” myself to get to my doctor’s office for my annual exam and all I could say to her was I am so tired. Emotionally I’m drained, physically I’m drained, financially, I’m drained. This holiday season has been unlike any other. I’ve barely shopped and honestly, HYBERNATION sounds like a dream come true for me right about now!

I’m not trying to be a scrooge. I’m being real because that’s what I know our souls need. There is such a tremendous amount of expectation placed on Christmastime. Everyone is searching for that happy moment like those that we see on TV! Jewelry boxes that make us kiss our loved ones. Family dinner table scenes that make our hearts melt and of course new cars in the driveway with huge bows tied around them! Well, for me, this year, I’m honoring my heart, soul and mind and what I don’t feel, I don’t feel and what I do, I do. I realize that this time of the year can be the absolute BEST of times but it can also be the WORST of times.

I’m not quite sure if it’s just this year or what but I have run into so many people who are going through really challenging times this month. Talking with my Doctor her mother-in-law was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer and starts chemo this week.  I have a colleague whose father passed away and the funeral was last week. Then there are those who are unemployed, have their house foreclosed upon and there are those who frankly are struggling financially, relationally, even spiritually.

Between the holiday family drama, the loneliness, hurt and the disappointments that took us off guard this year, I wonder why we don’t talk about how emotionally challenging Christmastime can be? Everything in society paints a holiday-rosey, wintry, happy picture. It’s as if we WILL ourselves to feel a certain way, to act a certain way, to be around certain people to create holiday magic that’s picture-perfect.

But what if it’s just not that way for you or for me? Is that o.k.? Can we talk about it?

I know for you, you’ve got to have a  “feeling story” that describes what’s going on inside your heart right now—good and not so good. In my home, my kids are bouncing off the walls! Everyone is happy, happy, happy: new jobs, new boyfriends, new opportunities abound! But for me, for Momma Keitt, I just want to sleep. It makes for an interesting story: what do you do when your emotional story isn’t like those around you? Do you put on? Or do process and remain true to you?

I would love to know what’s going on with you?


Because talking and sharing helps our emotional well-being more than we realize. My psychologist friends say stuffing our feelings leaves us emotionally constipated. Emotionally constipated people spew out because that stuff can’t be contained. I was reading a magazine article recently on the moods of Christmas and one of the tips it gave really rang true for me this year. It said DROP THE CHRISTMAS GUILT! Stop worrying about not creating the perfect Christmas. I read that, took a deep breath and ex-hailed. And I said YES! I receive that! I release myself from the burden of having to create the perfect Christmas.

What about you? How are you feeling this holiday season: happy, glad, sad or even mad? What’s going on? What’s your emotional calendar showing this holiday season?

Has stress taken its toll? Are you facing difficult decisions or loved ones who are sick? Or maybe, you’re in love having those Kodak moments. Maybe you have military family members home for the holidays for the first time in a long time! I want to know! I want to hear your holiday emotion story! Let’s process together, leave your Christmas Emotional Calendar stories below.

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