A Mother’s Voice

“And make sure you let me know where you are!” I punctuated the end of my “Mother’s Checklist” to my oldest daughter just the other day. I know it’s time for the mothering to end (she’s graduating this weekend from COLLEGE for goodness sake!)…but I just can’t help it. I’m a Mom and I want to make sure my voice resonates in her head (and the head of my three other kids) FOREVER!

A Mom’s Voice trumps everything.

As Mothers, our voices enter into the prestigious line of  “Mom’s Mouths” that have us sounding like our Mothers did and their Mothers did before them and their Moms before them!  Most of us operate our lives subconsciously through the voice of our Mothers. If you listen closely right now you can still hear her say . . .

Eat your vegetables!

Put on a coat, you’ll catch cold!

You better be telling me the truth!

Don’t hit your sister!

Stop teasing your brother!

Close the door behind you!

Be home before curfew!

I’m warning you…!

And of course the infamous, notorious, never-failing, always in season, Mack-Daddy of them all: NO…BECAUSE I SAID SO! 

A Mother’s Voice is powerful, weighty, relevant, significant and oh, so needed in our lives today. You see, I have this theory; the loudest voice wins in the war against the cultural pull that we face in today’s society. And as I see it, if we would all go back to own Mother’s Voices, we just may be able to solve our dilemmas and live the kind of lives that would truly make our Moms proud. Here’s what I mean.

Didn’t our Mom’s tell us it’s wrong to spend money we don’t have (or to borrow from someone when you’re unable to pay it back)? Well, maybe our legislators and leaders in Government should listen to their Mother’s Voices. Didn’t our Moms tell us, play nice, don’t be mean and MOST CERTAINLY don’t hit, push, punch, kick (or kill) because you reap what you sow! It seems to me, Osama Bin Laden should have listened to his Mother!  I’m sure Kate Middleton heard her Mother’s Voice telling her how beautiful she looked last week. And all of the fantastic volunteers that have come to the aid and rescue of last week’s tornado victims most certainly heard their Mom’s voices saying help those who can’t help themselves.

A Mother’s Voice is essential and vital for our survival.

So I’ll continue my well-meaning ‘checklists’ with my kids until I hear the same lists coming out of their mouths and into the ears of my Grandchildren!

Happy Mother’s Day!