Legalization of Marijuana: A Woman’s Point Of View

By: Jennifer Keitt, Women’s Empowerment and Certified Life Growth Coach

I happened to catch a very heated episode of Dr. Oz recently in which the audience and guests were in an uproar over the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. I watched and listened (wondered how many blood vessels were bursting as some got very heated!) then I flipped the channel and thought no more about it.

Until 5:00 o’clock this morning.

Ironically, just days after that show, my high school daughter told me that some kids were expelled from our school last week for smoking pot. Wow, just like that, the marijuana discussion had now entered ‘my world.’

Whatever my kids (or spouse, or friends, or family, etc.) are talking about becomes my issue. But really isn’t that how life works? Nothing is an ‘issue’ until it’s your issue. No longer was I watching blood vessel burst on national TV, now, this morning as I lie awake in my bed, I began thinking about what I really thought about marijuana.

And oh boy that thinking took me down a quick jaunt down memory lane!

My first high was with my then boyfriend (now husband!) Tony. I ‘watched’ the room spin—with my eyes open—as my mind and hands tried to grip the side of the bed. I can still remember what I was thinking then: WHO IN THE *$%*! THINKS THIS IS FUN?

I’ve since learned about ME. I’m a control freak, with a control-freak’s personality and I DO NOT like being out of control—ever—especially by substances that take my mind and body to places I may not want to go. I remember the day 27+ years ago when I came home from college at 4 in the afternoon and made a bee-line to the fridge for the bottle of wine. As I opened that green door I can’t explain it but I knew that if I drank that wine, that day, I would cross ‘my line’ and may not be able to get back, ever. I took the bottle, walked across the yellow linoleum to the sink and poured it out. I’ve never taken a drink since that day.

Being out of control scares me.

And I’ve shared this revelation about my ‘addictive personality nature’ with all four of my children (ironically on all of their personality assessments every single one of them possess my dominant personality in large quantities!). And I told them, they’ve got it too, so if they open a crack in the door—for drugs, sex, money or power—their own personalities will take them places they may not want to go! Now, my parenting technique isn’t up for debate here, I’m simply saying that I realized this morning, that no matter what the Federal, State or Local Governments decide or legalize, marijuana will remain for me and you a personal choice. And I opt out.

Truth is if the Doctor that removed my husband’s prostate was medicated by marijuana the morning he performed the surgery, I would have stopped the procedure. If Pilots are high for medical reasons, I don’t want to be on their airplanes. If EMT’s, Firefighters, Teachers, Financial Planners or my hair stylist,  for that matter, are high while performing their jobs, for me, I don’t want to engage with their services at that time.

That’s just me.

I get it painful medical conditions are no joke and must be addressed. If I were ever in a place where the pain was unbearable, I guess I would just have to have God on speed-dial and endure. But for me, marijuana wouldn’t be an option.

What about you? I’d love to hear what you think.

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